Friday, 16 September 2011

Twenty One Today

No, Dear Reader, not my age, nor weight in stones, nor my IQ, but the number of additions to my Life List this year, and today's has been a very long time coming.

Church Point for 07:15 and very soon joined by Andy McL, Dave D (but without Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich) and Alan G, and much later Bob B.

What a very busy 3 hours that followed, with:
Great Skua - N
Arctic Skua - N
R-t Divers - N & S
Black Tern (J) - N
Gannets of all ages - N
Auks - N
Teal by the dozen - N
Common Scoter - N
Sooty Shearwater - N
Manx Shearwater - N

The highights were 6 Velvet Scoter landing on the sea close in before continuing north after a wee rest, and THE best, 5 skuas north but not too close, one of which was definately an adult Pomarine.

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