Friday, 21 October 2011

Circus! Act!

Never thought I would get to see a Pallid Harrier (Circus macrourus).  This year, as others have commented, has been a bumper year but many miles from here.  So yesterday's BirdGuides report, and only 45 miles away, was a real appetite whetter.

And so at 07:57 when it rose this morning, and a short while later when it hit t'interweb, it had to be done.  A small deviation from the working day (time off, of course) had to happen.

Some of the 280 on my life list have been really special.  Some still draw my attention and I would travel to see them.  Red-backed Shrike, Redstart (bit of a red theme here) and Green Woodpecker to name but three.  BUT, I have never seen a bird as majestic, breath-taking, stunning, beautiful (need I go on?).

I arrived at 11:30 and left 40 ornithogasmic minutes later, with some superb views (but NOT through the camera!!!).  To those who criticise their own photographic endeavours, I offer the following to the competition entitled, 'Tell me what that is again, please'!!!


  1. So basically you destroying the Environment so you can look at it?

  2. I caught up with the Pallid Harrier on Saturday. Had views for barely 60 seconds but it did feel a little flutter. Can't remember the last time i felt that. (Don't tell wor lass i said that).