Saturday, 8 October 2011

Furrowed-browed Wobbler!

I am close to having one! 

I have spent many an hour (and I do mean many) staring at bushes at St. Mary's, The Haven and Royal Newbiggin.  So far, I am being hammered by the wee blighters.

I found tit flocks, without any hangers-on, and warblers (chiffchaffs in abundance), but not yet have I found a tit flock with a warbler in-tow that has been a yellow-browed.

Ash Lagoon bank this morning - Robins, Blackbirds, Redwings, Kestrel, 13 Whoopers over low and south, 80 Pink-feet high and south, 15 Barnacles low and north over the shore, and a very interesting call repeatedly on the bank next to the 14th tee (near the roped-off area and the half-white vertical railway sleeper).  Never heard it before - metalic-ish, rasping call, either in a series of two or three or a one-off!

Off to trawl Xeno-Canto now and to The Haven after dinner for another go!

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