Saturday, 28 January 2012

The News

West Hartford @ 08:30 - One SEO, 50 Teal, gulls, other bits and a Roe doe off east.
Arcot @ 10:30 - 2 Goosander (F), 10 Wigeon, Teal, 2 Grey Heron, 3 Gadwall (1M:2F), gulls, corvids and tits.  A Roe pair with a smart buck and his new antlers growing quite nicely.

Arcot Wood (NE corner) - trees along the wee stream, 2 Willow Tits

West Hartford @ 13:00 - 2 SEO.

Plessey Hall Farm @ 14:00 - 100 Redwing and two truculent women, one the landowner's wife, who took the gloss off my exploration 'out west' by pestering me about why I was looking into their buildings.  Using my job i/d and pointing out the birds I was watching did little to calm them; blah-blah burglaries; blah-blah suspicious; and blah-blah private road!

CONE reserve @ 14:45 - tits, finches and a fox.

West Hartford @ 16:30 - quiet bar the Lapwings and Teal.  A chestnut-coloured, kestrel sized bird low and south through the small plantation on the east side of the access road (Woodcock?).  In the wood to the north, a large, brown bird flew from a tree and into the thick of it.  Looking like a SEO, it disappeared, only to fly out at the east end of the wood (and ID confirmed); calling as it rose up and flew east with its prey.  Bizarre!

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