Sunday, 25 March 2012

Arcot: Where Big Horns and A*se*ol*s Meet

Managed to get out for a wee (and I do mean wee as you will read) patch tour today.  Arriving at Arcot at about 1:00pm, chores done and 'freedom points' earned, I was met by the sound of a rather loud teenager on her phone as she walked anti-clockwise around the shoreline causing what little there was in bird life to lift. 


In the NW corner, two similarly aged lads, again, dressed for hanging around in a bus shelters, not amalgamating with Mother Nature and all her wonders.  And she was clearly on the phone to them!

A short stop to admire the nine Highland Cows was small consolation:

And on to the perimeter fence, the one that the Great Unwashed appear to feel the need to get over so they can walk unhindered around the shoreline as it is quicker than navigating all the other gates.

And the birds in the NW corner lifted as two of the species Homo sphyncterus, clad in their Sunday best camo and accompanied by their faithful Greyhounds bounded from the west woods and down through the reeds to the shore.  As before, whatever there was that may have been worth a scope-view took to the skies.

I give up!!

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  1. Now if I had a pair of horns like them I wonder what use I could put them to?????????