Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mad as a March hare!

Patch listing - crazy!  Twitching on a micro scale, especially when there's a bit of competition thrown in.

Saturday morning, about to head off to Doncaster and a text from The Guvnor had me Cruella Deville-ing to Arcot.  And what MEGA had me acting like a boy-racer?  Easy.  No. 72 on the year's Cramelist - Goldeneye!

And this morning, hot on the heels of No. 73, an 06:30 twitch of West Hartford for a Stonechat (our survey said.......).  But four SEOs was an excellent start to the day.

And en route from A to B during work, a quick drop-in to Arcot had No. 73 - Pochard and 74 - Tufted Ducks.  And one SEO (at 2:30pm!  Mental!)

And a second try for the Stoney was another blank, but this time two SEOs were great value, as ever.

Madness, utter madness!!

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