Sunday, 18 March 2012

More of the same

Stroll down Beacon Lane this afternoon had the heart a flutter as an Asio owl was low in a hawthorn 'plantation' where LEOs were last year.  Les Dennis determined it was an SEO that was then chased off by two Crows high and SW:

Continuing on foot south and two very likely lads with an iffy motorcycle walked north and asked about my big camera (scope).  Never judge a book by its cover, as when they realised I liked to watch birds, they told me of a strange bird with slow wings and a look at the camera's screen confirmed they had seen the same SEO.

Onwards and upwards, and next was a man on a racing pedal bike who asked me about an owl that had followed him along Arcot Lane.  Same photo, same response, and the bird was by now quartering the NE field.

To put off the gentlemen that frequent the SE field for non-ornitholgical reasons, there are now nine Highland Cows there, complementing the three Dartmoor Ponies in the NE field (although the cows are far more fearsome).

And whilst walking back, the SEO was in a sapling in the NE field.  Using two cameras, why can I not get just one snap that accurately reflects what I see through the scope!!!

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