Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scheitz Rules

For those who have ever been taught German, in the combination of 'i' and 'e', it's the second of the two that is pronounced.  So 'ie' is e and 'ei' is i.  That's not one of the rules referred to in the title, but helps in understanding this rant!

Rule No. 1 - the adhesive qualities of dog dirt are proportional to the the depth of the tread pattern on the sole of the shoe of the person who fails to see said dirt.

Rule No. 2 - the 'bouquet' of said dirt is inversely proportional to the ability of the shoe wearer to detect having stepped in it.

So last night, an hour at Whitley Bay's birding epicentre seeking to add Luscinia megarhynchos to the County list provided nothing ornithologically spectacular but did offer an opportunity to test both Scheitz Rules, and I can confirm the rules remain sound!


  1. So are you trying to say that you stood in dog shite last night at St Mary's?

  2. Eloquent as ever, Mr V! In essence, yes. And it was only evident when I got in the car, and was like putrid tar, taking ages to get out of every nook and cranny with a wire brush and a hose! And no bleedin' bird seen either! Deep joy!