Saturday, 5 May 2012

At Last!

Couldn't sleep, so up and 5:01 (yes, there are two 5 o'clocks in a day!) and out soon after.  Wessie H was very quiet (apart from a reeling Gropper in NE field), two Coots and three Shelduck being the nadir.

Arcot was dead too.  No Otter, and the only water-borne Aves where Mallard drakes and a(nother) Gropper east of the lake.

However, from the far NE corner, several bursts of Sedge Warbler.  Bonus!

So a walk from the north end of Beacon Lane was still possible, given Sainsbury's was open at 7am and that was ages away (a man can't live on birds alone).

Between the two s-bends, in the hedge, the belated sound of Common Whitethroat.  Another bonus!  And a second bird near the stile into the lake's NE field.

And (yet) a(nother) Gropper reeling from the plantation NE of the stile on t'other side of t'lane.

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