Friday, 11 May 2012

Utt-lee, Utt-lee Gutt-ed!

As oft used in the rantings of a Liverpudlian madman, the 'words' of that local songstress and cultural icon, Ms Cheryl - You nailed it! You made it your own! I believe in you! - Cole.

Picture if you will Saturday and Sunday in the comparative warmth and dryness of the Cramlington weekend climate and me and the wee derg enjoying the sounds of a local Sylvia curruca in the bushes at a factory at the Nelson Industrial Estate.

Compare this with last night's damper and cooler and devastating scenario as I neared said location and silence.  And nearer and nearer and still quiet.  And closer still to see the bushes where the wee chap had been entertaining The Liverbirder and Birding Sometimes had been 'managed'.  I say 'managed'; I mean pruned.  I say 'pruned'; I mean chopped to ground-level and then pulped.

I will be on the phone at 9am.

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