Monday, 2 July 2012


No, dear Reader, not last night's Scouser-rant when Spain's third went in, but the thrill of making good for not being able to see yesterday's Red-necked Phalarope.

Shit weekend; weather affected three electrical appliances Chez Liverbirder (Mr Sedgedunum Warbler, when I got back on-line yesterday after a few days off due to a zapped computer, your plight put mine into perspective).

So a night of classical culture at the Sage Gateshead and whilst rushing to get ready, news from the Guv'nor that there was some ornithological excitement, and not too far away, but it might as well have been.  No chance of a peek on the way out, nor on the way back - bugger!

A check on t'interweb later suggested it would probably not stick around, so in to work for 6:40 and a check later on trusted BirdGuides and it was there (if you put the report on, thank you).  Into the Cruella-mobile, and against the flow of inbound traffic, arrival at 8:10 and one birder who hadn't seen it (yet).  And within a few minutes, bird located by moi, with a Common Sandpiper, Lapwings and Starlings.


Now, can anyone mend a TV or a PS3?

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  1. The Phal.(bird not curry) cheered me up no end Liver. Until just now when i saw that Sacred (get down on the ground and worship) Ibis up at Druridge after it had been at Seahouses yesterday.
    At the end of the day someone is always worse off then you so wtf you just have to get on with it. Having no car at the moment is the worst thing top be honest as our 3 month old car disappeared on the back of a truck so they can see IF THEY CAN FIX IT !!!!!
    Jim couldn't fix that thing after what it stood in.
    I've been singing "Always look on the bright side.........." for a couple of days with the emphasis on "lifes a piece of shit". That was until the Blogger from Howdon pulled up at 5.30a.m. and the vPhal. popped into view at 6.40 with twenty minutes to spare before we had to leave.
    Birding is theraputic........they should do it on the NHS for as long as that survives, or 6 months whichever is the longer.
    Cheers mate.
    Happy birding.