Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Long Wait or Third Time Lucky

After yesterday's Winnie the Pooh-like blustery day on Hoolie Island (crackin' joke, Gromit"!), news at 11:30am of a Long-billed Dowitcher at Cresswell meant a curtailed walk for the pooch and a wee dash north.  I missed last year's at Chevington and spent several hours at Saltholme earlier earlier this year waiting for one to appear out of a ditch.  And it was doubtful it was even there; it must have been the birding equivalent of watching paint dry!

Anyway, the hide's occupant numbers appeared to be far fewer than the parked cars suggested, so a quick view through Sir Alan of North Tyneside's scope, and then back for my own.  I was hoping for a photograph to rival those of Lord Dunn of Cramlington, a damn good award-winner, but the bird and its Dunlin 'minders' lifted as the Bonxie came in, and after a few more trips to various shores, it settled with a hod of Snipe at the south end of the spit and out of view due to the reeds (only viewable when the wind blew them).  Little Stint present too.

Arcot on the way back, and its name should change to Arcoot!

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