Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Bit Of A Rant

Forgive me, I need to release pent up ornithemotion! 

With thoughts of Black-throated Thrush and Pallas's Warbler (both Lifers) staying for a second day at Hoolie Island, and noting the crossing times for today, the plan was to get in to work for 0600, do my bit to protect the public from harm and then travel, as/when/if BirdGuides mentioned their presence.  I would have loved to take a day off and go on the off chance, but my commitment and social conscience would not allow.

The best laid plans.........

Instead, as the day developed, Radde's, Little Bunting and Olive-backed Pipit, all Lifers and Red-breasted Flycatcher (County Lifer) yet all on the bleedin' Farnes (swimming is not a talent of mine), Rustic Bunting (Lifer) at South Shields seen and not seen again and then later, Richard's Pipit (Lifer) and another wee bunt at Cleveland.

Still, I can rest safe in the knowledge that I have well and truly earned the day's corn.

Thank you for reading this Beadnell Birder-like rant.  I am off for a lie down............


  1. I'm up at Holy Isle for rest of week Gordon so give me a ring if your coming up


  2. Relax............I'm sure Crammy birder will find all the aforementioned at West Hartford within the next five years!

  3. Gordon,

    thats not a rant, its more like a tut tut from my gran when I used to say bloody. Now as a starting rant I think you should read this http://newtonstringer.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/high-newton-football-hole-low-newton.html then when you have mastered that level you can move on to try and scale the heights he has reached.