Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sea Bee Bee's

I was about to say what a great day today was, the Bee-eater at Seaburn was a belter.

And then over to Elba Park to look for the Little Bunting.  A second Lifer on one day?  Too good to be true.


Found the place easily, and was guided to the location from yesterday by a very helpful dog-walker.  Two has been there longer than me, but no joy.  It was foggy, damp, cold and visibility poor.  Scrutinised the hedge, no joy.  Off further into the park to watch the area near the pond.  Plenty of Reedies but nothing more (apart from a load of ground-feeding Linnets). 

And then back to location A - others there now, joined by the guy who found the bird a few days ago.  I had, by now, been out since 10.15, and so nearing four hours of freedom, the domestic conscience kicked-in, and at 2:30pm I re-entered Chez Liverbirder.

And then, imagine my surprise when BirdGuides has it in Location A at 2:00 pm!

Great day?  Bollocks!!

Anyway, a few shots from when I had more of a smile and less of a frown......

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