Thursday, 13 October 2011

(S)Nabbed by the Bizzies

Plan A - Snab Point at dawn, looking for Divers other than Red-throats.

Plan B - Same objective, different location (the car park opposite the caravan park north of Snab).

The reason?  Filming of an episode of Vera and the car parks either side of the Coastguard's Cottage were for thespians only!  And the road outside (southbound) was down to single carriageway with temporary lights.  Oh, the power of the media.  And I didn't even get a part as an extra!

Anyway, one Bonxie, many auks and ducks, and groups of Gannets (10 - 20 in each) all north. Two R-t Divers on the sea and one south.

Cresswell's north end had hods of Lapwing, Wigeon and Teal, eight Golden Plover, three R-b Mergansers and bits of other 'stuff'.

Nothing out of the ordinary on The Pools, and nothing on the sea, save for a raft of about a hundred Common Scoter.

The Ash Lagoon banks had all the usuals; Robins; Dunnocks; Blackbirds, Wrens and Skylarks (southbound).

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