Sunday, 17 March 2013

'Ere Wax

So after a long trek around Wessie this morning, the highlights being 18 Gadwall, three GSW (playing chasey), one SEO and the usual suspects, it was home for chores.

Clearly distantly related to Howdon Blogger's missus, Mrs M was sipping the finest Kenyan medium roast in the sunroom of Liverbirder Towers (if Dee is reading this, it's at the end of the east wing) when she remarked that a bird with a yellow end to the tail had emerged from the wood that is adjacent to the sunroom and was on the roof!

As I looked out, imagine my surprise as it flew back to the trees and joined about two dozen more Waxwings!

Sprint (ish) to the car to get the camera; you can't beat bringing a chilled camera into a warm house!  So a few foggy shots and some usual Liverbirder expletives and eventually a few images.

From below out of the window:

On the sunroom gutter:

Looking the wrong way just to annoy me:

And slightly better:

Drinking Eau de la Gouttiere Liverbirder had the flock back and forth from trees to gutter to trees and also to pond!

And the new game - Where's Waxy?

And finally..........

1 comment:

  1. Gordon,

    Your beloved must have spotted the "posh" flock as the ones my darling lady observed were partaking of Eau de la ├ęgoutter couvrir. Also she was watching from our £29.99 Wilkinsons Backside Keeper of the Floor which is located in our open air North facing solarium (sorry garden).


    ps. to get a cold camera to work properly in a warm East Wing you should run to your bathroom and gently insert/withdraw it at least 15 times in your (no doubt you will have one)Dyson high power hand dryer this will stop the end steaming up. Or failing that get your beloved's au pair to bring you a hair dryer to heat up the end of your lens.