Sunday, 3 March 2013

Looking Lively - Take 2

Spent some time yesterday evening adding some narrative to a post about what's about here in Carmlington just now, and then promptly deleted the thing.  What a nob!

Anyways, the abbreviated second attempt relates to SEOs at WH, either one or two, and one at 10:30am today.

The Flash there gets busier with a few hundred gulls last night, mainly BH and C but with three LBBs and the odd HReed Buntings, Teal, and an increasing number of Oycs make it noisy, as does the occasional Skylark.  No Mipit nor Linnets for me just yet.

Bassington was crazy yesterday afternoon, amazing what a few rays, a few degrees and a drop in the breeze does.  Plenty of finches and tits, ten or so Lesser Redpolls, a female Sprawk through with associated mayhem and a Buzzard in the wee wood.

Song Thrushes are getting more abundant and vocal, living up to their Latin name, Turdus philomelos (the thrush who likes to sing). 

All'n'all, the mornings are getting lighter, the evenings brighter and in a fortnight or so, Chiffchaffs will arrive.  Bring it on!


  1. Looks like your living up to your new latin name also
    "Scribit sed non communicat"

    "magnus aquas regulas"