Saturday, 30 March 2013

Wessie Kessie

Quick patch tour this morning - still Chiffchaff-less but it's getting drier, sunnier and warmer albeit slowly so not long now (the Guv tells me there's one at Chev this morning).

Arcot was predictable, no sign of the drake Shoveler that was there at dusk.

Wessie was busy.  About 350 gulls on the Flash, usual suspects and no white-wingers nor wee ones amongst them.

The Tree Spug was showing briefly but calling frequently between the sub-station and the copse.  You never see one in Cramlington and then in a fortnight, heaps.  Nearly got a record shot, but as ever, it's ready, aim, take off and hide!

Did manage a few of a female Kestrel tho'.  She's a belter!

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  1. So Wessie Kessie didn't tempt you
    or collybita's jitters