Friday, 19 April 2013


Sunny, still, bright and warm (a little damp too) but I'll settle for that.

Wessie at dawn (ish) was quiet but for the incessant bird song - deafening.

The water was still and almost birdless with nothing to get the pulse racing, so off for a day's toil - well nearly!

Walking south past the sub-station, a quick burst from behind (oooo-errrr!) of a familiar and very welcome call had moi stop in moi's tracks.  Turning to face north, and again, a wee burst (hard to pin-point amongst all the other bird noise).

And a walk slowly through the plantation and another two or three bursts coming from the area near the old metal gate and blue drain covers (boy, does West Hartford have some outstanding landmarks!).

And then for 10 minutes, not a jot more.  But no doubt in my mind (and ears), 2013's first Grasshopper Warbler.

Nb - still reeling in short bursts late morning and has moved north so nearer the wooded edge.

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