Monday, 20 May 2013

A Dose of Thrush

After working from 7 (am) till 9 (pm) yesterday (what a way to make a living), and ebbing and floing from ire to salivation over what decided to land on Saturday night  (when I was also working), a chance today to make some amends.

Great Reed Warbler would have been the quarry, seen in Portugal but not over here, but with no reports and plenty relating to the Thrush Nightingale in Hartlepool, it was off south.

Crammy was engaged on official business (philanthropy is one of my strong points) so off for a lone twitch, and as it turned out, one of the easiest/best.

Arrived at the Headland and the throng of birders with optics looking over a wall was a good clue that I had found the putting green.  The angle of the cameras suggested the bird was close (very close).

And so to 3/4 of an hour of watching this beaut up and down the edge of the grass, repeatedly returning to its favourite tree stump, occasionally venturing out onto the grass, and giving views down to 15 - 20 feet.



  1. What a cracking bird!! Your British list is coming on a treat, you are only eleven behind me. I have missed at least six birds for my British list in the last couple of weeks, four of which would have been lifers. Well done!!

  2. Thanks, Gary. Remember, much of my 'ability' was set off by sound advice and guidance from your good self about seven years ago. Missed all of the excitement last Sunday as at work all day, and dipped the GRW twice. C'est la vie!