Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Gulling at Arcot

If ever a title was set to raise a few extra web hits and p*ss off a few non-birders, this one's it.

I refer to the ornithological pursuit of Laridae, and nothing more.  Given Arcot Lane's reputation, the Urban Dictionary definition may apply, but not here.

So if you've arrived at this via Google and with an ulterior motive, this is one small way of getting my own back!

Anyway, visit two of three today was a Mega.

Little to get excited about initially, noisy Greylags, the usual suspects, demanding Little Grebe-lettes and the odd BHG dropping in.  One by one, from one to a half dozen and the occasional scan as part of the search for something exciting.

And then, a gull with a mottled head, and a red bill, and no black on the wing tips.  And, I am ashamed to say, a hurried attempt at a few shots and a text to the locals in the same manner as the Black Kite (like a fumbling schoolboy and his first Playtex!).

But what a stunner - and a Patch Lifer - and 122 for Cramlington for the year.

Gulling is great!  And to add another double entendre, I add that there was a red ring with white on it!  I refer, of course, to the bird's right leg, and PJJ1.

PS - the bird's from Poland.

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