Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What a Wednesday

This evening started off well with the boxing coach and her pupils up and down the access road at Wessie.  The tan suggests she was absent last week because of a spell in the sun.  I say no more as I am starting to sound like a stalker!

So to matters ornithological and much more important.

Walked into Arcot tonight - the hot weather clearly had affected the gentlemen's hormones as it was 'busy'.

As I entered the field, a white bird rose from the area of the submerged hedgeline and flew NW, landing on the spit/island.

Dog's bollocks - a Little Egret!


  1. Gordon,

    the one at Shibdon had vanished this morning and was not on the Tyne either. Now flush it towards Big Waters......


  2. Never mind pics of the Little Egret, we've seen hundreds of them, where's the boxing instructress !!!!!!