Monday, 26 August 2013

Another Lesson Learned

Arrived at Wessie this morning to see a dog walker near the Flash, and The Guv's limousine parked up.  Not having had any news from him combined with the likelihood of a rampant canine did not bode well for some action.  Taking the easy way out, I texted His Royalness and enquired.  Confirmation that the Flash was a bare as a bare thing, and rather than waste energy and time, a u-turn and off to Arcot.

Imagine my surprise when I soon got a call to say he had an immature Marsh Harrier!  Lesson?  Get out of the car as birding tedium can change to the canine's privates in seconds.  It is now added to these others.

Another u-y and back at the bollards and news it was off east.  Time to put the ostrich legs into top gear and at the sub-station, voila; high, distant and being given grief by two Buzzards, it was last seen fast and low and off west.

In the words of the great (for now) Rolf Harris, can you guess what it is yet?

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  1. and you missed out on the chance of that Lawyers Wig and a nice quiche. DOUBLE WHAMMY.