Friday, 16 May 2014

Going Cuckoo

Cuckoo has been at Arcot since Sunday morning - still there at 11am today (16th) and feeding like a mad thing on what I believe to be Drinker Moth caterpillars. It's a lean, mean, caterpillar-eating machine.
Loads of other activity, fare and foul (deliberate typo), in the locality as the warm weather brings out the real birders and the pseuds who are there for other reasons but choose to cover their real purpose with some questions about birds that a three year old might ask!!! Are there any swans here? Why are there Red Kites at Chopwell? I might stop and ask them why they all wear jogging bottoms? Does it make getting your bottom jogged so much easier? Anyway, this fella was up and about at Wessie this morning.
Oh, and twice last week I slipped on the muddy, boggy, puddly area between the NE and NW fields at Arcot. Ended up like one of those cakes that is dipped in chokky! Except it was my left side first, and my right second. Take care, or take a friend with a camcorder and make £250!!

1 comment:

  1. Great blog! Hilarious point about the jogging bottoms! Especially after what I saw last night! Good lord my perception of Arcot has changed!