Saturday, 5 July 2014

Both Ends Of The Spectrum

Saw that a Black-winged Pratincole was at Hurworth Burn Reservoir near Smoggy Land this morning, and appeared to be wanting to stay. Too good to resist given the clement weather and the weekend, a journey of 45 minutes and as many miles and a throng of optic-laden Ladies and Gents watching a grassy field full of Lapwing and trying to make each one the quarry. Alas not, but after about 30 minutes or so, they lifted and the BwP was there on the edge of the weaving mass of Peewits. They split into two groups of 100 and some landed back from whence they came and the others in a cow field just to the north. And so that was it; 30 seconds of bliss but no ground shots or static views despite one or two Emperor's New Clothes-like situations where it was 'on the ground in the grass' (but could I see it, with a decent scope etc? No). And then at Arcot this afternoon, a Common Sandpiper. Take that Big Waters!!!!

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