Monday, 8 September 2014

Two Blue?

Tried for the Blue-winged Teal this morning and arriving at Castle Island, started to scan the Teal flock on the south side of the island itself. After a few minutes, and discounting those with teal-coloured specula, I am 100% certain I located a blue one, and furthermore, a few wing stretches and pale blue area on the wing clearly visible. Excellent, thought I, a possible lengthy spell of Teal elimination was shortened and so off to Amble for the Caspo. However, I checked BirdGuides and at the same time as I was patting myself on the back for a job well and speedily done, the bird was to the west of the Rowing Club (RC). Impossible! My 100% was now 99.9% and so I drove to the RC car park and met up with Lord Bullough and another frequently-encountered but so far un-named birder and the quarry was within a few feet of the bank-side. Could there be two? Here's the 'deffo' one:

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