Friday, 9 October 2009

Fancied a Quickie!

.....but she didn't, so I went for a few hour birding!!!!!  First stop, Castle Island, back to normal i.e. an island as opposed to mudflats.  A Grey Heron upto its knees, a GSW south over. 200 adult GBBGs with a supporting cast of juveniles, HGs and BHGs.  The only waders were sknahsder (cunningly created anagram), and on the water, Teal and Mallards in abundance.  A few Moorhen too.  Pleasant, but nothing to test my 45 yr old 'ticker'.  So off to Bothal Pond.  Wigeon, Tufties, Coots, BHGs, a few Mute Swans, the obligatory Lapwings and a few corvids.  Heart safe here too.  And to conclude the sedate pace of Liverbirding, Longhirst had two Mutes, a dozen Teal and a Mallard or two.  Hardly a Mega day, but nice to get out.  And tomorrow will be a sea watch day I think, given what passed there this afternoon - two Lifers!


  1. Wind is going to swing around to westerly overnight so seawatching might not be too clever tomorrow. An hour tonight produced a few Skua and distant shearwaters but little else except three Redwing in off, a portent of things to come?

  2. Alan - always grateful for expert advice. Thank you. The other benefit os sitting by the briny is that it as time to breathe a little easier, hear a little less and just be at one with the world! Birds are a bonus!