Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mixed Bag

Tried for some closer/better views and shots of the Ibis.  Unfortunately, the Oddie Hide was not full of Goodies (Oh, the humour) and all the seats were full.  I may dress as a pensioner or a pregnant woman next time and a nice gentleman might offer me his seat!!!!  Anyway, life's too short, so knowing the BBS had flown off north, and was clearly not at The Pools, I went to East Chev.  Zillions of geese - PF, G and B - Lapwings and Golden Plovers, Teal, Gadwall and Wigeon, a juv GC Grebe, hods of GBBGs with a healthy smattering of LBB and BHs, Mallards, a Meadow Pipit eatng a caterpillar (caterpillars in October!) and other bits'n'bobs.

Warm, sunny, devoid of other Homo sapiens and the sound of geese.  Blissful!!!!

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