Saturday, 9 January 2010

Doing My Bit

Been out and deposited 5kg of mixed seed along both sides of 100 yards or so of Horton Burn.  It shouldn't be an exact science but trying to place it where it will not be covered by the next snow fall takes a bit of thought, this after a quick service of the garden's feeders.  To be fair, my piece of the planet is highly inactive today, ornithologically speaking.  Still, anything dropping in will be well fed.  Mr Robin likes his fat balls, but aside from him, zilch.

Like Crammy Birder, I noticed the moving water that is Horton Burn has attracted at least four Snipe.  The afternoon's dog walk yielded 26 species, 50 PFG over WHBP and a Mistle Thrush on Hauxley Drive were nice to see, but otherwise, it was the usual suspects, although, given the weather, what might have been common place a few weeks ago may not be so for a while!

5kgs ready to go tomorrow too.

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