Sunday, 10 January 2010

Postcard Home

Dear Waxwing and family - arrived here OK at the start of what should have been a great holiday, what with the weather and the 'all inclusive' basis we chose, as we do every year.  Wrong!!

The place is freakin' freezin', even compared to home, MINUS 15 in parts, and the greedy locals have scranned all the grub.  So we're underfed and frozen to the bone.

If we were you, we'd stay at home.  It might be cold there but it's positively tropical compared to the UK.

Hope to see you soon.

Fieldfare and Redwing

This time last year it was Waxy Frenzy.  This year...............................

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  1. Dear Fieldfare and Redwing,

    you obviously picked the wrong bit of Northumberland as the the Gardens up there only do Room only, whereas if you had gone to Tyne and Wear the Gardens down there do full All Inclusive (and not the Turkish version) including a couple of lined boxes for dossing in. The cook does some wonderful Fat Slabs full of the lovliest things you imagine. Remember next year make sure you book with Chez Howdon.


    The Waxwing and Family