Saturday, 20 March 2010

Last Day of Winter

And don't we know it!!  Out sharp-ish with the dog and the year's first Chiffchaff heard in the trees to the SW of the WHBP r/about.  Did not see it, so no tick.  After a quick poo/pee stroll (the dog, not me!), out up north for a few hours of feathers.  And then the heavens really opened.  Great.  Four, care-free, conscience-free hours ahead and p*ssin' down and cold. 

You know when you're a sh*t birder when you are looking over the north pool of East Chev and Birdguides tells you you should be seeing two Sand Martins and a Jack Snipe and you see nowt.  Plenty of other waterfowl and gulls tho', just no year ticks.  I know, there's more to life than bloody lists.

Druridge Pools - Snipe all over, never seen so many.  Plenty of ducks too, the best being a pair of Pintail (Crammy Birder - get there fast).

Cresswell was Dodos-ville - dead!

Linton Ponds were both quiet, apart from a Goosander (dare I say, a year tick!).

Bothal Pond was so full it was nearly over the road, and had the usual ducks and a few Canadas too.

And a quick trawl through the woods where the Chiffchaff had been showed nothing to eye or ear.

And now Birdguides shows TWO Jacks.  I give up!!!!

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  1. sick of the sight of Chiffchaffs already. Not only did i saw one in Holywell Dean yesterday i had one over me fence this evening. Common bloody things. ;-)