Sunday, 21 March 2010

Last Day of Winter cont....................

Drove Mrs Liverbirder to East Woodburn (EW) yesterday afternoon and having dropped her off, travelled on to Bakethin.  Quest 1 - the melee of Crossbill/Siskin/Brambling/Chaffinch.  Walked up hill and down dale, saw two Crossbills (including a female giving a cone some hammer, which was nice), but Gary Smith's midweek mayhem turned into Milward's weekend whisper.  Quest 2 - Goshawk somewhere Kielder-ish.  Consistency prevails - nil points!  But the weather was superb, so all's not too bad.  Popped to Bakethin to check out the river, and on the north side of the bridge noticed a Dipper, motionless on a rock (and it remined so for 10 minutes!).

Back to EW for tea.  Then a stroll in the dark, Tawnies everywhere, but could I see (tick) one?  And Little Owls too!

But on the drive from EW to Kirk Whelpington, a Tawny was hunting the fields, so not too bad an end to a day with so much potential.

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