Tuesday, 18 May 2010

'Ead Said Woodward

With a glorious day, and a few hours spare, my 'ead said that I should travel woodward to Beacon Hill again.  Good move!  Quieter than yesterday in terms of quantity, but quality was better.  Cuckoo calling like a good 'un, Green Woodpecker 'shouted' once, three Spotty Flies seen (one nearly flew into my head as I walked along and then veered off and sat in front of me not SIX feet away - MAGIC) including a pair checking out a nest site (will return soon and see if it was successful) and the Marsh Tit pair were in full feeding mode, their nest duly located too.  Male Redstart seen, and lots of other stuff.  Some great views of a GS Woodpecker, the majority of the Spotty activity was between the third parking place and the entrance to Beacon Hill House, on both sides of the road.

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