Sunday, 23 May 2010

Spectrum (both ends of)

Yesterday started so well - sunny, hot, and the road to WHBP a veritable bird-fest, all the warblers you'd expect in good voice and showing well,  Hirundines aplenty over the Flash, a pair of Canada Geese present and a Greenshank in a feeding frenzy on the west shore.  And then the moby rang, and the devastating news that a work colleague had collapsed last night and died.  I was speaking to him at 5:30 Friday, and within five hours he was gone; and only 43!  RIP PG.

So this morning was a bit of a Grounhog Day.  Same dog, same route, almost the same birds.  No Groppers at the back of the new Fire Station, and no Greenshank.  BUT, a pair of Garganey in the NW corner of the larger Flash was a great find.

For a couple of over-sized puddles (getting smaller as the hot days go by), this place does the business.

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