Saturday, 1 May 2010

Good Game! Good Game! Good Game!

Let's 'ave a look at the old scoreboard......2010 List: 157 (Davy Tee, calm down!)

Was excellently chapperoned around the far SW of the county this morning by Stewart J. from Birdforum.  A bit of a theme developed in terms of birds seen, hence the title.  Game Bird No. 1 was a Red-legged Partridge, and several were seen throughout what was a damp at best and wet at worst four or so hours.  Next was Red Grouse, and like the RLP, seen one, seen many.  No. 3 was the Black Grouse.  We toured several leks and at one stage, a Greyhen was sitting on a wall not four yards from car.  Quite brilliant!  Blackcocks were seen in 1s or 3s and at distances from ten yards to several hundred.  The closest single male was a stunner and very obliging.

At Sipton Burn, a male Ring Ouzel took only seconds to show.  In addition, the place was heaving with Snipe, Curlew, Wheatear and Lapwing, and also seen were Oystercatcher, BHG, LBBG, Mistle Thrush, Stock Dove and Willow Warbler.  Precipitation clearly affected the migrants, unfortunately, as nothing more than the WW was heard or seen.

Nonetheless, a grand day out!

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