Friday, 23 July 2010

Adam and Eve

After this morning's debacle (item @ 19:00 hrs), I tried to cram an hour in at Seaton Sluice this evening.  Just as I was about to sit and over look a beautiful and apparently busier sea, the moby goes and it's No. 1 Son telling me his new footy had been pinched by some locals.  The shortest sea-watch known to man was followed by some Sweeney-like driving and just as I got to 'the scene', ball recovered and all's well (except a wasted 20 minutes and 15 miles of diesel and fading light).

Not to be out done, off for 30 minutes at Arcot.  Usual suspects there BUT sneaking along the periphery of the reed mace along the east shore was Rallus aquaticus.  What a corker!

Would you Adam'n'Eve it?!?!

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