Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Phil Collins

Just like the tax dodging, Switzerland dwelling philanderer, I missed again today.

Seeing Vipers hot on my tail, I sped to Cresswell to try and extend my slim lead with a Little Stint, but dipped.  'Not been seen for a couple of hours, mate', was the response to my question of two birders leaving the hide.  Despite a repeated and through digest of every inch of the shoreline, not a sign.

Saw the two Greenshanks that Birdguides reported, and did not have the time to forensically examine all the gulls in the flock on the spit (all appeared to be BHGs, all were sitting and all facing west).

Arcot was quiet tonight.  Six Herons accompanied the multitude of Mallards and meeting of Moorhens.  There was one Common Sandpiper and one Green Sandpiper too.

WH was dead.  The water now present on both flashes looks inviting, but not enough to attaract more than one juvenile Pied Wagtail.  A bloke I have never met before was there, and he had earlier seen two Barn Owls.  The chap had bought a scope from Crammy's mate and knew Steve Holliday too.

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  1. I haven't seen Greenshank yet, so if they hang around until Friday I may pull level with you. He He He!!!!