Friday, 20 August 2010

Spotted the Blogger Spotter

Arrived at Snab Point at 07:30 to be met by an active, female Sparrowhawk over the cottages to the north, heading beachward.  It was seen again over the rocks half an hour later spooking the waders.

Flocks of Kittiwakes south, Sarnie Terns too, one distant diver, and three Arctics north (two dark and one pale).  Gannets up and down in small numbers and hods of GBBGs south.

Pale skua north at 08:30, slightly larger and flying slightly slower than an Arctic but no tail 'spoons'.  I still await my first Pom.

Cresswell had the Spotty Redshank at 08:50 (north of the causeway) along with a few Dunlin, at least one Pintail duck and one Knot.

The Pools were very quiet.  Saw a male of the species Blogger Prestwickcarrii near the Oddie, after amazingly close views of a female Marsh Harrier from the south-facing hide.  On the sea, many RTDs and one Darctic Skua, predictably harrying a tern and a group of six RBMs.

East Chev was dead (I am fast becoming a Vanellusaphobe), you can only take so many Lapwings (over 300 o/s the main hide on the North Pool), and half a dozen Swifts over the path to it (PC Wanderings take note).


  1. East Chev Dead? You obviously didn't check the South pool. Wood and Green Sand, Greenshank, Garganey and 12 Blackwits.

  2. @Dead' was not the right word, in hindsight. Perhaps 'uninspiring' might have been better. I did have a quick look at the South Pool. I saw the Godwits and a Greenshank but did not stay and look longer. I have never warmed to the South Pool, psychologically it is so far away and so I rarely stay there for any great time. The North Pool is always much more approachable.

  3. A Vanellusaphobe! I had better keep out of your way!!