Wednesday, 18 August 2010


  • Gettng spot-on directions from Newton Stringer - Free
  • Taking half a day off work - Have to work twice as hard tomorrow to catch up
  • Fuel for journey - £10
  • Eighty five miles of car depreciation  - U/K
  • Standing on top of a dune south of Newton Pool at 1:55pm today, with optics and cameras ready, scanning the 'naked' hawthorn bushes all around whilst reading on your web-enabled phone that at 1:18pm Birdguides said the RBS had not been seen all morning and so feeling like a right twat - Priceless.
Thank God I already have a Mastercard!

Two Ruff on what I believe is the scrape at Newton (where the yellow digger is, north of Newton Pool).

Did 'bag' yet another BTD amongst the RTDs and Common Scoters off The Pools on my way back tho', as well as a Darctic Skua (but that doesn't address my pissedoffedness).

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