Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Getting boring!

Sorry folks, anothet wee tale of an attempt to see a Barred Warbler, another addition to the St.Mary's parking attendant's coffers, and another blank.

One guy had been there for four hours when I arrived, and so I guess I shouldn't get too p*ssed off as I spent less time than him for the same result.

Did see Redstart and Goldcrest and pursued a likely candidate from The Gut to the thicket between The Gut and the willows (the patch the Linnets like, with the black berries on it) where is entered the plants but I could not see enough to be certain.

Holy Island tomorrow (I need some divine intervention) and probably a good few hours thrashing St. Mary's on Friday morning, I feel.


  1. Here's tip Gordon.

    You seem to be one step behind the warblers ( Barred and YBW). Would you like to be one step ahead?

    Dont go after other peoples YBWs. Try a new spot where none has been reported. I am telling you now there will be YBW (s) at Craster. And maybe something else too. A quiet stroll along the 'Arnold' is recommended.They favour willows, sallows and sycamores oh and tit flocks.

    If the weather is right the small housing estate at Boulmer has produced the goods too, or Warkworth Dunes car park.

    These sites have all produced good finds for me and no one ever goes there.

    Good Luck.

  2. Thanks for the tip (as the fat woman said to the fat man!). But where's the Arnold? I have never come across the term?

  3. Arnold Reserve is inland from the village and runs west as you exit the car park from the tourist info centre.

  4. Sorry Gordon I just assumed. As Alan says, park in the public car park (give over your mortgage deeds to the greedy bas....) and saunter west fro 100 yards to a nice bench over looking a willow ridden clearing. I once had 3 YBWs together in there and I've had Barred and Icterine...then walk across the road and up the snicket known as the heughs ( sounds like someone being sick). Some good bird holding cover there too. I found a Barred there last October...