Friday, 1 October 2010

C'est Finit

Well, there you have it, eight days off work, back tomorrow, and what had promised to be an unusually self-indulgent 'feather fest' did not quite do it.

Sunday was the highlight, at Hartlepool, with the Shrike and a nice Snow Bunting.  The generally low aspect has been my disappointment at not seeing a Barred or Yellow-browed Warbler despite the fact that the entire population of local birders have done so and many hours of my being in the right place at the wrong time, or vice versa.

I have been given some sound advice re. not always following others' birds, but I need to put time aside to do that and often I don't often have that luxury.

Holy Island yesterday was a beautiful if not over-crowded day.  Great to meet Vee and Colin Pears (they're not 'a couple', it's just my poor grammar), and Gary Carroli Smith and Derek C, and like the Magnificent Seven, Messrs Forster, Gilbertson and McLevy (and others u/k) leaving the Great Grey 'School' Shrike and rounding the corner heading for the Vicar's Garden (VG) like Messrs Brynner, Bronson, McQueen et al.

The VG was heaving, but no Y-b W or R-b Flycatcher.  The Lonnens were too quiet too.

And today, mixing birding with pre-work chores, Tynemouth's Warbler 'banker sites' did not yield, and neither did Trow nor Marsden Quarries, or Whitburn.

C'est la vie.

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