Saturday, 25 September 2010

Good Point

10:45 - 14:30; a well disciplined, glued feet spell at Snab Point.  Different day, different birds.  No Kittiwakes, nor skuas, nor shearwaters (plenty of very distant shapes that even a scope on warp factor 6 couldn't i/d).

105 Barnacle Geese N (90 up high and 15 low over the sea)
6 P-b Brent Geese N
3 R-b Mergansers (F) N
Small flocks of Teal and Wigeon N
Gannets N/S
2 Common Scoter (M) N
2 Grey Heron N
1 (poss. 2) B-t Diver N

Best part was Peregrine flying north from the bay, spooking all in its path, and in a very amateurish way, it sort of hovvered over a couple of waders at the eastern edge of the rocks, half landing/half hunting, then the waders flew off and it took a brief breather before up and off east over the sea and out of sight.  Brilliant!

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