Friday, 24 September 2010


Well, I thought I'd done reasonably well.  Snab Point for 07:30, hidden to the south of the Point, rain stopped, and voila, a heavy stream of Kittiwakes (especially juveniles), Gannets and distant shearwaters from the off.

07:45 - Close in, a drake Velvet Scoter.  Nice!
07:55 - Closer still, a Sooty Shearwater.  Nicer!
08:25 - Not too near nor too far, a Great Skua.

And in the words of 70s Punk icons, The Clash, should I stay or should I go?  Answer?  Stay.  Reality? Go.

Off to Cresswell for an hour.  Wind in through the hide's windows, and the majority of the birds on the south shore of the NE corner.  Not too much to get too excited about, I must say.

Then The Pools.  All quiet bar the noise of the wind.  A nice drake Scaup from the Oddie, and other miscellaneous wildfowl too.

East Chev?  The Sav Grebe looking quite Red-necked, I must say, in very good light.  The red eye was the giveaway for me as it remained close to the north shore.

And then home for tea and sticky buns.

And BirdGuides for Snab from 08:50, L-t Skua (year tick) and Pom too (lifer).  And hods of Sooties there and Newton.  And a Hoopoe at Shiremoor!!

Tomorrow?  Feet glued to the Point, I feel.

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