Thursday, 7 October 2010

Crackin' Start, Good Middle and Fab End

Good day yesterday was. 

Start at half past seven bells with a damp (the bird and me) addition to the year's Locally Informative Species Tally with the Red-crested Pochard at Bothal.

The Middle smile-raiser was a dark raptor being mobbed by a duo of well 'ard corvids over the wood to the west of the Snowy Owl at a quarter to 17 bells.  Suspecting a Common Buzzard, I was not thinking of stopping the car, but getting closer I noticed the light head.  Panicked, pulled in, donned bins, and voila, female Marsh Harrier.

And the End?  Nothing ornithological, but Level 42 at The Sage.  I've seen them three times; 1985, 2008 and yesterday, with last night being by far the best.  In fact, I would suggest they are better 30 years down the road than when they began.  Absolutely awesome, dare I say!

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