Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mellow-browed. Warbler!

At last, one of my many warbler-related excursion-ettes has yielded its quarry.

Yesterday, at 1:10 pm, I passed Tynemouth during a work-related journey and took a(nother) quick look near the pier for the Yellow-browed.

A couple from Cumbria had arrived a few minutes before and had spoken with a birder as s/he left who directed them towards the sycamores about 75m from the pier gates.  And we all stood and looked, and looked and looked.

And after about ten minutes, voila!  The little fella, lit by the sun, in a sheltered bowl of foliage, bordered by the berry-laden hawthorn and rose, in front of an in accessible apple tree at the top of the bank.

And after a chat about Poms and Hawfinches and other west coast birds, we three left, just as PC Wanderings arrived (nothing personal, you understand, Sir!).

So a more relaxed and less perplexed forehead for me, and one that will be more so if I can add Barred too!

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