Saturday, 23 October 2010

Little Success

'The kind of weather that makes you want to stay in bed is the exact weather you should be getting out of it and getting your a*se to the sea', I was once told.  And today was one of those.

07:40 @ Snab, McDonalds latte with a shot of espresso already consumed, and tripod and scope positioned as usual to the south of the point on the rocks to afford some shelter.

100s of Gannets and Kittiwakes (N), only Eiders, Oystercatchers and Curlews south.  In the two hours I was there, 12 Sooties all north, but the highlight was one Little Auk close in (N) at 08:40, then another 'very likely' 15 minutes later (N) (if it wasn't for the wind and the waves, sea watching would be a doddle!), then 09:10 another nailed-on (N) followed by another 'high-likely'.  And two more probables at 09:20.

As I left, I noticed Andy 'Lewoc' pulling into the car park north of the point and Andy McLevy's motor already there.  I hope they had as good a morning as I did.

Cresswell was busy but nothing to report and The Pools equally so.

Four excellent views of a Merlin (the same one, I bet), twice in the bay south of Snab(once putting all the gulls and waders up before off across the sea towards Beacon Point and the other chasing a small grey bird (who got away) in the same area), then over the white house just north of Cresswell village and finally over the hide at Cresswell.  Crackin'

High tide at half three, and the sun coming out just now, so a little dog walking and then part two!


14:50 > 16:10 - Church Point - on the wrong side of the brick house so with hat on and hood up could not hear the (very) wise men on the right side and so missed a Grey Phalarope.  Bit of a p*sser, really!


  1. Are they the same wise men that said the Lesser Redpoll was a Mealy or vise-versa? You shouldn't need wise men to find the birds.

  2. More wisdom, Sir Vipers of Dinnington. Yes, some of the GATG were the same as at the Great Redpoll Fiasco of 2010, as it will be recalled on local ornithological folklore. In this case, it was not an id/mis-id issue, more one of communicating what it actually was 'behind the Kittiwake going north over the red flag....'. Despite my straining in the face of strong winds from my left, a vibrating tripod (oooo-errrr!) and the spray from the breaking waves fogging my specs, I was unable to see a great deal. BUT, their being there was a coincidence, and, as ever, sea watching alone is something a really enjoy and will continue. Now stop reading this dross and get out 'in the field'!

  3. I've been out in the field today and like last week I was a day to late. The wind had moved just a little bit to Westerly for anything on the sea. The Shore Lark at Alnmouth had disappeared, the only highlight was finding 4 Snow Bunting on the beach at Cresswell.

  4. I went to Roker to try and find the Bonaparte's Gull. Needle in a haystack would have been easier!! Four Snow Buntings is very good, especially after your last find at Druridge. Ticks are getting harder and harder, I guess it reasonable to add: Raven, Glaucous and Iceland Gulls, 'the other Redpoll', Hawfinch, Firecrest, GND + Water Pipit so 230 is my target (as long as you only get 229!!!!).

  5. At this rate I think I'll be lucky to get over 220. "The other Redpoll" but which one have you seen?

  6. Indeed, Sir, the next one will replace the existing one, and the next one then add to the replacement e.g. Redpoll sp. is replaced by a definite Lesser. Still 222. Then I see a Mealy - 223. Voila!

  7. But what if you don't see another Redpoll? You will then have a bird on your list that you haven't identified. At least it will keep your dodgy Bedlington Egyptian Goose company.

  8. I see a score draw coming on here!