Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sea-watching? G-watching more like!

Yesterday, I took an hour out and pottered off to Snab Point, after a brief look-see from my favourite big dune at The Pools.  To be honest, it was largely the same as the last time I looked (last Friday), with Common Scoters, Gc Grebe and Rt Divers.  Not a sniff of a GN Diver nor skua.

Today, a repeat of the time and location, but a change in the weather, now brighter, a tad warmer and sea like Hawaii 5 0!  Let the G's begin!  There was a steady trickle of Gannets, close in and far out, all going N.  Four Goldeneye, a distant Great Skua (N), a few north-bound Guillemots (could have been Razorbills but that would have fecked the semi-humorous title of this post), numerous gulls (GBB/H/Bh/C).

No GND nor Pom!  One day..........................................................................

20:15 20/10/10 - Looking at Birdguides just now, should have stayed longer or looked harder.  Some better birders at Blyth and N-b-t-S did much better than I (again).

(Also saw several non-Gs - Rb Mergansers (4 N), one Manxie (N)), half dozen Eiders (S) and a dozen Fieldfare in off the sea)


  1. I saw the GN Diver that was reported from Snab point this morning. However at the time I couldn't nail it as a GN as apposed to a BT. So I stay one behind you, for now.

  2. Gaz - no point in getting ahead if you haven't got a clear conscience, such as my Pallas's exploits last weekend. In all day today and tomorrow so Saturday will be the next date with the briny!