Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Second Time Around

Well, dear Reader, whoever you may be, just to show I do not only chase ticks and birds located by others, I went back to Commondale this morning to see the Rough-legged Buzzards again

Another journey of 130 miles or more, including through Cleveland, or 'Gridlockland' as it should be called, the outward trip taking nearly TWO hours.

And nothing added to my L.I.S.T., just 90 minutes in the freezing cold wind, accompanied by six others, including BirdForum's Durham Thread's entertaining duo of Scuzz and JayBee. 

And most importantly, three juvenile RLBs, two in the same scope-view at some points, loads of hovvering, a little bit of perching, and lots of flying, but this time with excellent visibility and more time than last week to enjoy!

The Red Grouse put on a good show too, but other raptors were absent whilst I was there.

Nonetheless, a crackin' trio and well worth the increased carbon footprint!

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