Sunday, 31 October 2010

(W)Ring Duck's Neck

Dear Reader - it's 3 - 0 to the yanks!

It was March 2007 when I ventured south to Far Pastures NR to see a Ringed-necked Duck.  Despite many hours of searching, NOTHING!

And then I got home and checked BirdGuides and it had been seen.  Do I, don't I?  Yes, I do go back the next day.

And once again, a lengthy journey, this time a longer stay to cover the previous day's appearance time, but alas, NOTHING!

And so to last night and a consultation with the internet that showed one on home turf.  So, despite my parents being up for the weekend, a few hours were stolen to finally bag the critter.  Branton GP duly found, car parked and a beautifully lit water course full of wildfowl; except the R-n D.  And despite a thorough search along with others, NOTHING!

Bit of a pattern developing here, I think.

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