Thursday, 4 August 2011

Just Feckin' Brilliant!!

N-b-t-S this evening, in search of Lifer 276 - the Y-l Gull recorded this afternoon by Sir Alan of Morpeth

Arrived at where I though it was, the very south end of the bay (behind and south of the Couple and the beach with the promenade along its western edge).

Loads of gull and terns and Guillemots - it was manic - but all at sea and not beach-bound.  It was clearly the Newbiggin Chava Invitation Sea Angling Contest 2011, where inappropriately clad 'types', recently released from incarceration somewhere, drag their 'nearest and dearest' to the shore in the pouring rain to catch a few salties.  The catch was hauled in, thrown alive up the beach, and whilst thrashing about, was kicked further up by the sand by the delightful WAGs and all this observed by a similarly aged male in-law who had a tab in one and and a can in the other!!!  Isaac Walton would be turning in his grave!

All that was missing was dog licking its balls...........................

No gull seen - wet through - but back tomorrow.  Cracking pale Arctic Skua north tho'.

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